Manifesto: Reclaiming Our Time, Energy and Screen Sanity

If you feel tethered to your phone…

If you compulsively check email when you’re supposed to be working. Or relaxing…

If you’re scrolling Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube in bed instead of reading that stack of books on your nightstand…

You’re not alone.

Tech is invisibly interwoven into our lives

Easily communicating with people all over the world with the tap of a key is truly evolutionary.

The ease with which we can follow any interest or answer any question online is remarkable. Working remotely is a dream come true for many. But all this screen time comes at an increasingly high personal cost.

We’re expected to be online and available all the time.

Always-on has a heavy price

The social and work pressure to stay connected is relentless. And research on the long-term damage to our personal relationships, physical health, mental fatigue and emotional anxiety caused by digital overload is piling up.

Worse, the tech environment we live in has stacked the odds against us.

Because in today’s digital economy, the value of capturing and keeping your attention is priceless. That’s why apps and tech platforms are spending billions on behavioral engineering to keep us scrolling, clicking, and glued to our screens.

That anxiety you feel isn’t a design flaw. It’s a feature.

What’s the deal with this forest-bathing stuff?


Medical and academic research is finally catching up with what the ancient mystics, philosophers, Buddhists and Romantics have long known: Nature is us.

Nature is our original, primal operating system.

We’ve evolved with nature and in nature, for millions of years.

Our natural rhythms are aligned with the sun, the moon and the seasons.

It’s in our DNA.

Digital behavioral engineers have only been at it for about 30 years

But they are really good at what they do: grabbing and controlling our attention by exploiting our primal pleasure-seeking drive for curiosity and reward. They’ve corrupted our original programming if you will. And they will.

By design, the human species is incredibly adaptable. That strength is also our weakness – and makes us vulnerable to behavioral hacking.

Unless you know how to reboot your original, primal programming.

We’ve started a quiet but powerful rebellion

That’s what the Unplugged Club is all about. Our mission is raising awareness of the open manipulation and theft of our minds and human capacities for corporate greed.

And to inspire millions of people to rebel by retaking control of their natural programming.

Finding your way through the digital swamp can feel daunting. But it’s a lot easier with support from a guide who understands the real-world challenges of making a real change and uses the planet’s largest ally – Nature – as a powerful partner.

This isn’t about abstinence

Relax. This isn’t digital detox. I’m not going to tell you to flush your phone down the toilet or give up every social media connection.

I’ll never, ever, call you an addict or blame you for a digital addiction.

Because I truly believe out-of-control digital habits are not your fault.

I will help you use screens and your “personal tech” more intentionally and effectively by aligning your screen time with your personal goals and values, with what you deeply want in your life.

I will show you how to swap debilitating screen habits for energizing nature habits that sharpen focus and concentration, relieve stress and anxiety and bring awe, wonder, happiness and joy back into your life.

Big promise?

Nature is always ready.

Are you?

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