Phone-Jacked: How to Control Your Phone

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I’ve teased you a couple times about the free email course I was creating. 

Now it’s time to share the “big reveal,” as they say on the DIY YouTube channels.

Phone-Jacked: 7 Days to Retake Control of Your Phone went public last Friday with a classified ad I placed in the Ann Friedman Weekly. Friedman is an American magazine editor, journalist, podcaster, and pie chart artist.

So far, so good. Since it’s a 7-day course it’s too early to draw any conclusions yet. But from the responses of the folks who are completing the short worksheets at the end of each lesson, they  are learning the key points!

Now it’s your turn, if you’re interested. 

Sign up for Phone-Jacked

You can go through Phone-Jacked three different ways depending on whether you’d like to binge on all the lessons at once or space it out over a week. Read or listen. Or both.

  • Read the lesson and complete the short worksheet – 2 questions and 1 tiny action. The next lesson will be sent to you immediately. 
  • Listen to an audio of the lesson and complete the worksheet. 
  • Read the lesson and wait for the next lesson to be delivered 24 hours later.

My hope in creating Phone-Jacked is to show people who are overwhelmed by their phones how much control we actually have and use it to get outside and restore balance in their lives.

I’m also using this short email course to introduce my framework The Nature Response: Unplug. Reconnect. Reset that I shared a few newsletters ago. The Nature Response will be the foundation of my writing going forward.

I don’t want to assume that you want to receive this email course, so I’m leaving it up to you to sign up if you’d like. 

My recommendation is to invite a family member or friend to go through the course with you so you can support each other, compare notes and stay on track together. 

I’d be very grateful if you’d share the link to the course on social media, in email or anywhere you hang out online where it would be appreciated. 

Here’s the sign up page again:

Sign up for Phone-Jacked

Now, go wander outside!



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3 Resources for You

Links to Amazon books are affiliate links.

I Asked 65 Teens How They Feel About Being Online Compelling first-person accounts about the good, bad and ugly of social media. (Shout out to Barb for sharing.)

Screen Apnea: Your Computer Screen Can Disturb Your Breathing Just when you thought if was safe to sit down at your computer… Keep breathing!

30+ Shocking Smartphone Addiction Statistics You Need To Know In 2023 Well, maybe you don’t need to know that 72.30% of people use it while on the toilet. (Don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger.)

2 Questions for You

Reflections, questions and ideas to break the digital spell.

1st Q: Is your phone a problem for you?

2nd Q: What have you done to control the problem? Did it work?

Hit reply and let me know what you discovered this week. I’ll use some of your feedback in next week’s newsletter (first name only.)

1 Action for You

One small step to start the change.

Sign up for Phone-Jacked invite someone to go through the course with you, and/or share the link with someone who could benefit from it. A bit self-serving, but honestly, it’s really really good.

Hit reply, let me know how it goes and I’ll include feedback in next week’s newsletter.

Nature View

“Being able to smell the fresh air and disconnect from the news and your phone — there’s nothing like it.” – Jason Ward

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