What does tech overload feel like?

Help me understand better: What does being plugged in feel like to you?

The more I talk to people the more I realize that our digital lives are scattered across a broad spectrum of supportive and addictive tech. 

There are some common use patterns:

  • Text
  • Email
  • Research
  • Social media
  • Entertainment
  • Supportive tech
  • Digital/online work

Some folks have pulled the plug on some tech, but feel they can’t on others. Feelings on our relationship to digital tech range from outright outrage and rejection to resignation and overwhelm.

Help me understand how it feels for you

I’d like to know what you’ve tried, what works for you and what a solution feels like. 

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The better I understand you, the better I can write for you. 


3 Resources for You

DORA Score: A Digital Wellness Assessment Got such great feedback on the Digital Wellness Assessment I’m including it again in case you missed it. This free, 5-minute assessment will measure the impact technology has on your life. Created with mental health professionals, scores range from 0 to 120, with four risk levels of Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.. (DORA, BTW, means “DevOps Research and Assessment.”)

30 Ways to Unplug this Summer In the spirit of the season. Interestingly, this site offers a high-privacy, high-tech with fewer distractions phone. 

Creative Ways to Unplug and Recharge This Summer

2 Questions for You

Reflections, questions and ideas to break the digital spell.

1st Q: What are your plans for unplugging and recharging this summer?

2nd Q: Are you planning a tech-free getaway? Tell me more.

Hit reply and let me know what you discovered this week. I’ll use some of your feedback in next week’s newsletter (first name only.)

Reflection Feedback

From Felicity: Do you routinely unplug at home?

Funny you should ask about unplugging at home.  I recently changed the settings on my phone from blocking all notifications to allowing some notifications to come through.

Well, that lasted all of two days.  I was constantly picking up the phone when it buzzed with a new notification, none of which were time-sensitive and most of which weren’t even directed to me specifically.

Two days later I went back into my phone and turned off all notifications.  I still check it several times a day to see what I’ve missed, but it’s on my schedule and not when I’m driven nuts by the curiosity of *knowing* it just buzzed with a notification message.

1 Action for You

One small step to start the change.

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Nature View

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” Henry David Thoreau